Network cable / Network device:CC-Link


CC-Link cable (compatible with Ver.1.10)

We have prepared variations according to various usage environments.

For fixing parts, for high movable parts,
for movable parts, built-in power supply line type.

Eco cable, for outdoor pipe fixing part,
for low temperature fixing parts.


■We have prepared variations according to various usage environments.
■FANC-110SBH, SCC110-HMV-7 and PW110SBH are UL standard compliant products.
■When newly installing CC-Link, we recommend using Ver.1.10 compatible cable.

For fixing part: FANC-110SBH

The combination of aluminum tape and tinned annealed copper wire braid provides superior shielding property.

For high movable parts: SCC110-HMV-7

Insulator (ETFE) and wire structure with excellent bending property have realized high bending performance of1 million times.*1

For movable parts: FANC-110SBZ-5

By increasing the braiding density, bending property and shielding have established.

Built-in power supply line type: PW110SBH

It is a composite type with built-in power supply line that can also wire the power supply to the unit at the same time.

Eco cable: EM110SBH

It is an environmentally friendly cable that uses flame-resistant polyethylene for the outer covering.

For outdoor piping fixing part: WR110SBH

This cable uses polyethylene for the outer covering and it has excellent weather resistance.(Piping/outdoor under eaves use.)

For low temperature fixing part: LT110SBH

This cable uses cold-resistant vinyl for the outer covering and is hard to cure even at low temperatures.Service temperature range: -40 to 60℃

UL compliant product listed: FANC-110SBH/CM

This cable has high oil resistance and flame retardance and compliants to UL listed.
It corresponds to NFPA 70 and NFPA 79 standards, and it can be wired to a system composed of NFP 70,NFPA 79 compatible equipment/parts.

*1. This is the measured value under specified conditions.

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